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26 May 2014Phillies were no-hit yesterday by Josh Beckett of the Dodgers at Citizens Bank Park.  I have to give Beckett a lot of credit, especially on that last pitch to Utley.  I don't know anyone in the park who was expecting a fastball in that situation.

What really surprises me is that the Phillies had gone 36 years and 5,752 games without being no-hit.  Although there were some good teams in that period (2 World Champions), there were a lot of lean teams, including this one. During those 5,752 games, Phillies had been 1-hit 18 times.

So what are the chances the Phillies are no-hit a second time in the same season?  It's happened before.  Most recently, the Rays in 2010, Padres in 2001 and Rockies in 1996.  I think the 2014 Phillies are capable of making it happen again.  
11 May 2014Before getting into my first Phillies blog of the season, I want to send a message to  Here goes.

If you think fans are willing to sit through a 15 second commercial for every 20 second highlight on your sight, you may want to rethink that strategy.  I don't mind having to sit through a commercial every now and then, but 1 for each highlight is going overboard. Plus for the most part, it's the same commercial, over and over.  What's the point?  I used to go to every day to see the highlights of games I'm interested in.  This year, I've been there twice to watch highlights.  Is that what you want?  Driving less traffic to your sight? I don't think so.

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